Project deliverables

Project deliverables

WP 1 – Islands requirements, barriers & system specifications

WP 2 – Technologies adaptation and development

All the deliverables in WP2 are confidential.

WP 3 – EMS for European Islands simulation and integration

WP 4 ROBINSON system demonstration on Eigerøy

  • D 4.2 HSE Report
  • D 4.4 Reliable operation of ROBINSON demonstrated

WP 5 Sustainability assessment (economic, environmental, social)

  • D 5.1 Technology specification
  • D 5.2 Life Cycle Assessment of all considered EMS concepts (incl. baseline as reference)
  • D 5.3 Techno-economic assessment of considered EMS concepts (incl. baseline as reference)
  • D 5.4 Interim reports on socio-economics, social impacts and acceptance
  • D 5.5 Reports on socio-economics, social impacts and acceptance
  • D5.6 Desk-based scoping study of the potential impacts
  • D 5.7 Evaluation of the econological effecrs of the ROBINSON system key elements on Eigerøy

WP 6 – Replication and business planning for local communities

WP 7 – Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

WP 8 – Coordination and Financial Administrative management

All the deliverables in WP8 are confidential.

Scientific publications

Dissemination material

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