Opening ceremony of the Hydrogen production plant

The opening ceremony of the hydrogen production plant officially took place in Grand Hotell Eigersund in Eigersund, Norway on Thursday, 8 February 2024. This event marked the achievement of one of the main milestones of ROBINSON H2020 project, which was launched in late 2020.

The event attracted a wide variety of industrial, political, and scientific stakeholders. These included, among others, the Norwegian Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre, Idar Sønstabø (the CEO of Dalane Energi, one of the ROBINSON industrial partners), as well as the Chief Scientist – Energy and Technology of NORCE, Fionn Iversen. During the ceremony, project partners Dalane Energi, NORCE, and ENH presented ROBINSON goals and ambitions towards the future. The large number of attendees at the opening ceremony testifies the trust of the local and national stakeholders in our project partners and expertise.

The construction and completion of the hydrogen production plant of project partner Dalane Energi was completed in 2023, in a join collaboration with other companies, including Green Hydrogen Systems, HYDS – Hydrogen Solutions, Alltec Services AS and ENH.

This infrastructure will constitute one of the key solutions of our project aimed at decarbonising geographical islands, and it will hopefully inspire local communities in their ambitious pathway towards climate neutral.

Stay tuned for more updates on ROBINSON!

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